Here you will find links for the topic Game Development.

Here you will find links for the topic Game Programming.


D3DBook introduction to Direct3D 10
Diary of a Graphics Programmer blog about graphics programming
Direct3D 11 Overview introduction to Direct3D 11 graphics pipeline
Game Development Wiki tutorials and source code - game development categories Artikel Nr.1 Website about Game development
gdmag samples samples with source code blog about graphics programming
Nehe OpenGL Tutorials OpenGL tutorials Forum and Wiki for Game programming & Game development


Buch - 3D Spieleprogrammierung mit DirectX de - nichts für absolute Anfänger, aber empfehlenswert
book - Beginning C++ Game Programming recommended for beginners
book - C++ for Game Programmers optimize your programming and source code performance
book - Game Programming Gems 8 the standard work for game programmers
book - ShaderX7 probably the standard work for Shader programmers
eBooks - ShaderX partially free eBooks about Shader programming
DirectX 11 tutorials beginner tutorials for DirectX 11

Lighting & Shadowing

Packing Lightmaps
Specular Shaders Specular Shaders for Blender


Fire Fire effect tutorial
Special FX tutorials about various special effects
Volumetric Fog tutorial
Water tutorial about rendering water

Collision Detection

Convexe Hülle de - Graham-Scan-Algorithmus
Kollisionserkennung mit der GPU de
Polygon Collision
Wikipedia Collision detection

Artificial Intelligence

Neural Networks tutorial
Pathfinding de - eBook about Pathfinding

Physics & Animation

book - Game Physics Engine Development recommended book and source code of a 3D physics engine
Bullet 3D physics engine
Digitalrune Rigid Body Links links about game physics
Fast Skinning paper
ODE 3D physics engine
Siggraph - Animations eBook about animation algorithms and techniques
Skinning Sample
Wikipedia - list of physics engine

Rendering & Graphics

Bresenham's line algorithm
BSP comprehensive tutorial about Binary Space Partitioning
Perlin Noise tutorial about Perlin Noise
Rasterisierung de - Paper
Using Perlin Noise tutorial


Cryengine Free SDK 3D graphics engine 3D graphics engine database
DirectX SDK
Havok 3D physics engine
ODE 3D physics engine
OGRE popular Open source 3D graphics engine
SlimDX Managed DirectX alternative
Unreal Engine 4 3D-Grafik-Engine


AMD samples, tutorials, articles, resources
Compute Shader Compute Shader - tutorial
GPU Gems 3 free eBook
List of common shading algorithms
NVIDIA Samples
NVIDIA Shadowing samples about shadow techniques
NVIDIA Siggraph Archive Siggraph - Flash presentations


NVIDIA Developer Zone useful software for GPU programming


3ds Format format specification
3ds Structure format specification
Cheap motion-capture
Improved Ray Picking demo
Multiple Swap Chains tutorial


book - XNA Game Studio Express recommended beginners book about XNA
Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 XNA Tutorials recommended XNA tutorials
XNA Developer Center


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