Here you will find links for the topic Game Development.

Here you will find links for the topic 3D & Graphics.

General 3D links 3D resources and tutorials
Buch - Lighting and Rendering de - empfehlenswertes Buch über Beleuchtung und Rendering
Filter-o-Rama de - Filter für Bildverarbeitung
Grafik Filter de - Bilinearer bis Anisotroper Filter Modeling resources Artworks Gnomon School of Visual Effects 3D modeling resources

Modeling 3D modeling resources 3D models, 3D print models, CG textures
100 level design ideas 3D models for computer graphics, VR & 3D printing 3D modeling resources 3ds Max resources Website about Game level design


3ds Max most important software in the area of 3D graphics
Blender allround 3D software with many features
GMax free version of 3dsMax with restrictions
Maya secondly most important software in the 3D graphics area
Milkshape probably one of the best programs for modeling beginners
Truespace professional 3D software with similar features like 3dsMax
UDK 3D graphics engine

Textures free textures
Creating bumpmaps from images
creating a wood texture free textures


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